A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

Square…for the love of GOD! Square!

Yesterday Zaren pugged a Grim Batol heroic dungeon.

After the insta-queue, my group was ready to go. I’ve queued as dps myself sometimes and I understand wanting to go right at it after a 30+ minute wait.

We clear the group of troggs in the next room just off to the left and make our way out to the concourse to the first pack of Dragonkin.

My group consisted of me (prot warrior), a priest, a death knight, a warlock and a hunter.

The dragonkin went down fairly quickly after I marked the caster with a skull and heroic leaped into the middle of the group with my party killing them in short order.

Next group had a couple of humanoid caster types, so I asked the hunter to freeze trap the mob with the square marker. The hunter launches has trap and everyone starts running toward this pack of mobs!

The deathknight throws his death and decay out and the frozen mob breaks free and joins the attack against us. We survive, but that was pretty much how most of the trash pulled went.

Either the deathknight broke the crowd control on the mob and it would try to rape us along with the other mobs….OR (as I later found out) the hunter had to be told to ice trap the mob even though the square mark was established as his mark for the run and it was over the mob I wanted controlled.

Another reason crowd control didn’t work to well was because the group would start running to the pack as soon as the saw the hunters trap launch. They would get closer to the mobs. The mobs would aggro and the fight would be held to close to the CC and break the CC.

I guess I shouldn’t complain. I mean..most of the pugs I’ve been in consisted of people who didn’t want to crowd control the mobs. They just wanted to burn them down in a hail of aoe. But has the dungeons gotten that easy so soon?

As I said, its hard to get the group to go along with crowd controlling the mob. Heck, some of the puggers I’ve encountered didn’t even know what the marking icons were for and for which crowd control.

I saw a very good video from Hitmanblood at tgnworldofwarcraft.com on CC marking. It showed what these icons are and when and how to use them:


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