A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

DEADMINES??? Why does it have to be DEADMINES??!!

Deadmines Loading Screen

Deadmines???.....Why does it have to be Deadmines???!!

It was Saturday and I decided to spend that day this weekend chaining heroics. Its something that I could always do as a warrior, but didn’t because every now and then you get a bad pug or someone in a pug that doesn’t understand that everyone didn’t start playing the game the same time as him/her. I need some decompress time after that.

Jerks in a group really make the run unnecessarily difficult for all. ESPECIALLY if they don’t know everything. (wannabe Elitist Jerks)

Now, I’ve only done Heroic Deadmines a couple of times. Dungeon Finder has spared me the pleasure for so long. Even when I did get Heroic Deadmines, I’ve been so lucky (or unlucky) to have been thrown into a group as they are attempting to do the last boss. More specifically, the “nightmare” phase with all the spiders and such. Kill that Helix guy, I believe.

First Deadmines Pug:
Today, however, it seems like my gameplay is one continuos loop of the same dungeon. It’s like that cable tv show you always seem to come in at the same point in the plot.

Nightmare! I’m having a hard time because I try to set focus on the mob, but I can’t seem to do it fast enough. Then the spiders get in the way when I try to hit thunderclap accidently switch targets. I frantically try to target the marked mob amist a flury of animation, and it seems like I’m just flayling away mindlessly until the dps kills the required mob. (Maybe there is an addon that will solve that for me?)

Anyway, the dps was pretty good so we make it back to the ship to attempt to kill Vanessa VanCleef.

Vanny goes popping around all over the place. Wouldn’t mind that so much, but she keeps ending up behind me for some reason. Not to mention that I can’t seem to get my camera situated so I don’t have to keep adjusting it when I get next to a wall or structure. God I hate that place…

At around 66% and 33% health, the boss sets off explosions on the ship. The only way to survive is to grab a rope and swing away from the ship as the explosives go off. I (of course) died because the warlock in our group took the rope that I was heading for. I couldn’t make it to the only rope left (on the opposite side of the line of ropes) before that heffa Vanessa sets off explosions killing me instantly.

After that wipe, my rope was assigned before hand, however, I die again! I missed clicking the rope and ended up on a ledge on the side of the boat. There was nothing to do but kill myself in the flames surronding the boat and blocking any exit. I could not teleport out of the dungeon cause I was still in combat status. So it was listen to the puggers tell me how stupid I am for doing that while they continued to fight. Or die and come re-enter after they wipe or kill the boss. They still said missing the rope and sitting on the ledge was a bonehead move, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever made that mistake.

Third time was the charm. Apparently all the mistakes had been gotten out of the way in the previous attempts and we killed the boss. But she is vindictive! She took me out with her as a final act of defiance. But it was all good!

Next Pug:
The next Heroic Pick Up Group was… Deadmines….yes, /sigh. This run is starting from the beginning, so I give my pug mates a heads up that this is the first time for me doing this dungeon and there was no “OMG” or exits. We go along our merry way as the healer tells me what to expect ahead and suggestions on how to deal with it. Suggestions are always welcome and I do try to follow them.

However, this pug has a Death Knight that was what I like to call a wannabe Elitis Jerk. He claimed to know everything about the dungeon. What his role is. What my role is. What your role is, etc. (or at least said he did) He would contradict the healer now and then, but since he didn’t step up earlier, I felt confident in my healer. (I’m a tank. I should trust my healer) The priest assured my of his/her strategy and they worked fine.

Everything was good until Fel Reaver 5000. With a group that consisted of the DK and me (plate wearers) and three clothies, he did not choose to pilot the construct to pick up the add on Fel Reaver 5000.

Mr. DK refused to do so, even though I and everyone else explained that a melee dps would be a better choice to pilot the vehicle. Mr DK was too worried about his dps and abilities that he would not be able to use, so he didnt even get into the vehicle before we ran down to attack Fel Reaver 5000. (despite our voting him to run the construct)

Needless to say we wiped when the adds came running up the ramp and killed us with the help of the boss. And after pointing out this flaw in his actions to the death knight, he promptly left giving us a piece of his mind. (something that he apparently should not be without)

We almost instantly got a replacement and the rest of the dungeon went without too much of a hitch. It was really fun actually!

I felt a little sad, because when you get a group of strangers that know how to play, you want to keep going. But you know the Dungeon Finder! Everyone was from a different server, so we bid each other farewell and I went off in search of another pug. Another day in paradise!

But I still get that little twinge when I see that loading screen.


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