A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

A Night of Snotty Healers

As a Tank, I try not to be the stereotypical jerk that everyone seems to think some Tanks have become. You know, with there instant queues and setting the pace of the run. Who do I think…uh, they think they are?? I know there are some Tanks out there with bad attitudes, but not every Tank is like that.

While playing my Dps classes, I like to watch how the group’s tank handles the encounters. If he comes up with a good style of play, maybe I’ll use it myself in the next run I tank.

My favorite runs are when you get a competent tank. I have even had the pleasure of getting a well geared tank that also performed admirably! That was the best run of all!

The tank controlled the pace of the run.
We weren’t waiting forever to pull the next pack.
He/she kept the Dps in line and prevented a lot of QQing.

It felt good to follow someone else that knew what he/she was doing and we got done quickly and efficiently. Quite the fun experience! I shall always try to be that type of tank! 🙂

Heroic Throne of the Tides
Then I queued up as Tank/Dungeon guide for this random.

I like to do that because my TargetCharms addon gives me a “ready” button that lets my call a ready check before we start. TargetCharms also lets my quickly mark a mob for Crowd Control and Kill order.

Anyway, I get my dungeon group and as soon as I zone in, I find that it is a pre-existing group. The “dungeon guide” (who happens to be the healer) is chewing out one of the Dps, because his dps numbers are too low.

Now I understand the need to get your Dps to pump out as much as possible to down the boss or trash. However, what he said next bothered me.

Dps asked: “why aren’t you healing me?”
Healer said: “I’m not waisting my manna on you till you do more than 4k dps.”
I say: “Healer, just heal everyone. That’s your job. Let him try to up his dps without worrying about dying for pete’s sake!
The healer turns on me and says: “Tank, how about you stfu and tank?”

The Tank is the leader. He/she should set the standard (even in a pug) of what is acceptable. I believe in motivating a group member, but I don’t believe threats and intimidation work very well for long. And I won’t have it in my runs. So I tell the healer that if he feels so put out by any members, that he can leave and we’ll wait for someone more patient.

The healer retorts with some more (nerd-rage) cursing, so I port back to the capital city that I was in prior to the run and try to reason with him/her. That resulted in my being removed from group.

No good deed goes unpunished I see!

Seems to me that enough of that group had to agree to vote me out. Even the very person I was trying to stick up for!

Maybe some players like to be brow-beaten? I don’t see myself performing any better because of it. /shrug

The Grim Batol
I zone in with my TargetCharms ready to mark ’em up and light ’em up! Say hello to my group and proceed to get buffed up to start killing! 🙂

We breeze through the first two pulls with no problem, however I noticed my health bar was at 60% as I moved to the Red Drakes to do the bombing run.

No one had died, so I guess I assumed that the healer had just stepped away for a sec and would top me off after we got off the drakes. The group had done a pretty good job using the Drakes to wear down all the mobs we were about to kill.

Zaren was sitting and eating to regain his health when the healer says “Why it is taking so long to pull the first boss?”

Before I can say anything, one of the Dps says that I am slow to pull, “because of his lack of health.” The healer then says, “Well then he needs to stack more Mastery.”

The healer didn’t get what the Dpser was trying to say. He was trying to get the healer to understand that my health wasn’t at 100% to make the boss pull, because the healer was slacking on healing! Bravo Dpser! Turns out I wasn’t the only one that the healer didn’t bother to heal! Unfortunately, after the Dps group mate made his point..he dropped group. That was a shame, because he was topping the overall damage done. 😦 We got another Dps, (adequate, but not as good) and prepared to pull the first boss.

The first boss went down fairly quickly, and it appeared that the healer decided to start healing after being called on his slacking. I mean… if you go through 4-5 packs of trash and everyone is low on health at the end and the healer is almost at full mana, the healer wasn’t healing!

In retrospec, it’s my opinion that the healer was “on follow” with one of the unsuspecting group members and afk through the trash pulls! He was at 80% mana and 30% health, so he wasn’t even healing himself! Funny how the slackers seem to talk the most smack in pugs nowadays, huh?

Anyway, we fight our way through the next trash to the second boss and the healer seemed to fall back into his old ways of lackluster healing. After wiping on the second boss three times, he and two Dps decided to leave. That left me and a shadow priest who offered to heal for the next group.

Before he could make good on his offer, the dungeon finder found us the rest of a group. We somehow ended up with another Shadow Priest, a Hunter, and a Holy Priest as healer! Wow..three priest in the group. I don’t know about anyone else, but that rarely happens for me whether I tank or not!

We down the second and third bosses without any problems or a need to CC! Good times!! We actually did not have any problems until the final boss called his adds. But that was only due to a slight mix up with who was taking the right and left mobs.

We sorted that out. Everyone seemed very good natured about the wipe on the final Boss though. So we rushed back. Dropped the Boss. Collected the shinies! I thanked everyone for such a good group and hoped to see them again sometime.

At least the evening ended on a good note!

Now it was time to relax and pew pew on my Dps alts to get their daily Valor Points!


2 responses

  1. Jeff

    Thanks for the night’s recap, was a good read. I know being a healer (restodruid at that) I often get messages telling me “you’re a good healer” or “wow, a druid that doesn’t suck” and never know what to reply. I’m really just doing what I’m supposed to.

    I could understand not keeping everybody at 100%, but 60% is low. I find a good healer on content suited for their iLvl should keep the group on average between 75% and 95% through trash mobs with no CC in 5 mans. If they’re keeping higher, they may want to consider more a challenge/higher tier.

    I didn’t think other healers were this bad of people. Talk about setting the bar low. Thanks for the insight Z.

    June 6, 2011 at 9:52 PM

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