A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

One Goal Accomplished!… Next!!

When Zaren decided to tank again it was great, because the mechanics and world had changed! All my characters suddenly where new to me again!

Zaren could relearn tanking in an environment where basically everyone was learning or relearning how to play their characters. That makes for (in most cases) some good hearted fun and learning among strangers! There were still the impatient, unknowing know-it-alls, petty players; but these bad experiences made my good experiences even better!

So my first accomplishment was to tank every 5 man Cataclysm dungeon successfully as a Pug Tank to the point that I feel comfortable and confident of success! I feel I have reached that goal!

Although, I still get that little twinge when I see the Deadmines loading screen…but it goes away quickly! 🙂

Next, I will try my hand at Raid Tanking! Not sure I want to Pug a Raid. I haven’t tanked a raid since Karahzan in Burning Cruisade. Even then, I was in a guild. It should be an interesting experience!


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