A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

I’m No Longer Anti-Social

If random Normal/Heroic Dungeon Tanking was rough, obviously the Pug Raid Tanking thing is not for me! 😦

I don’t like the randomness of the group. And I don’t mean classwise. I don’t like the random personalities you run across. You know, the 8-12 year old in the group that you’re unaware of until he throws a hissy fit about something dumb and actively tries to get the raid to whipe!
(at least I HOPE he/she was an 8-12 year old with that kind of behavior!)

So now I’m gonna go for something a little more stable..a guild!

I’ve gone guildless for the last 6 months because of guild drama. I had created a “bank” guild months back, so that I can horde all my useless stuff. That way, I could quest, explore, etc. without being asked to join a guild. But don’t judge me… I know many people who have done it or (at least) thought about it.

I have to admit thought, being in a guild has it merits, so I have joined a guild. It’s a casual guild that also likes to raid. That’s the best combination for me, because I like to raid but I can’t commit more than two evenings to it. Currently, the guild I’m in only has one “raid night,” but I”m sure that will change. I guess I will be Off-tanking for a while at least, but I will get to see some new content.

This tanking experience should be best of all. With a guild, you have others that want to help you progress your tune. If you progress as a character, the guild progresses. Then you pay it forward to new members so that the guild gets better! Everyone gets geared up and used to playing together and pwning content. My best experiences raiding or playing the game, in general, was when I played with friends. And it turns out that I already know a member or two from running with them in an earlier guild!

Should be some good times ahead!


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