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Another New Beginning


I have pulled out my Death Knight, Zarenus to level to 85.

Like a lot of people, I created a Death Knight as soon as Wrath of the Lich King expansion came out.  I leveled to max level, but didn’t do much other than dps with him because I already had a healer and a tank.

Now is Zarenus’ time!  This time, he will be tanking!  I don’t know how good he will be, but I’m hoping he can benefit from the mistakes Zaren has made learning to tank…lol.

Zaren will be raiding and doing a 5-man here and there.  He was the first, so he won’t miss any playtime.


My Thanks to Those Who Tanked Before Me

I was told by many people that to become good at tanking, you have to just get out there and tank.

While technically a sound strategy, it can be trying on a potential tank’s nerves. If you’re not in a guild, you have to pug. If you’re in a guild, your guild mates may not be available to group with you on a regular basis. So the option left to you is pugging.

All I can say is that if you really want to be critiqued, pugs will do that for you. TO DEATH!! It can be devastating to your morale, and don’t expect them (dps and/or healer) to own up to their own mistakes. Either way, arming yourself with knowledge will always help your tank-esteem!

Wow Insider; WowHead.com;WowWiki.com; Tankspot.com, etc are all good reference sources! What’s even better are videos (most of which can be viewed on YouTube.com) that show you what happens in the 5-man dungeons and raids! Below you will see videos from individuals that took the time to give us dungeon goers a heads up prior to attempting attacking an instance for the first time.

Maybe you’ll try a dungeon first and comeback to the videos to see what strategy seems to work best. Either way, you are arming yourself with knowledge that will be useful to you as an aspiring tank. When the group behind you fidgets in place wondering what to do next, you can actually guide them through it.

That is what the tank does! He is the leader. He sets the pace of the dungeon run. He marks bad guys (mobs) and sets the order in which they should be killed. Tanks (for good or bad) are expected to know all of these things! (even if it’s the first time for everyone in the group!)

Luckily, players like the ones in the following videos have taken the time to give us this knowledge. Why do they do this? To brag? Who knows? But I choose to believe that they want more people to get interested in tanking. There are far too few tanks (much less good tanks) out there! If the queue wait time for Dps is any indication, then tanks are really needed. So any resource that will give you the confidence and edge to take on the thankless job of tanking will be to your benefit.

AIR5NIP3R (Airsniper) is a tank that wanted to show the good and the bad side of tanking a dungeon.  His no-nonsense attitude towards tanking is what really helped me overcome my anxiety to jump into the role.  Some of you watching his videos my think he’s too hard on the group sometimes, but I don’t think so. I believe that any tank would get frustrated by constant mistakes by players that should have a certain amount skill. Especially when we are talking about playing a character at maximum level.   Too many would-be tanks are abused so much during their learning period that they decide it’s just not worth the headache to tank.  That abuse is primarily from the other members of the group! Airsniper shows you how to approach your new tanking role and how to handle some situations that could shut down a successful dungeon run. Even during a not so great run, he can still tell the group “good job” when something is done right.

In some of his videos, you will find that his dungeon group will wipe.  In fact, he has a series of videos that show just that.  The ideal there is that anyone (skilled or not) can have a bad run.   It’s actually good to see the bad that can and WILL happen!  Because you will have an idea what to do in such an event.  Anyone can watch the multitudes of “how to tank” videos out there, but when something bad happens, you are wondering why it didn’t go like the video.  Or blame the RNG. (random number generator)

While Airsniper’s videos are great, in my opinion, he didn’t follow through on making Heroic versions of the 5-man dungeon runs.  I really wish he would! (even though I have personally moved passed that content)

TGN.tv has a series of videos that show how to tank Heroic 5-man content.  Their approach is similar to Airsniper’s in that they will also show you the good runs along with the bad runs.  I like the fact that they tell it like it is. Nothing helps you take on seemingly difficut task as strait hard facts. And the fact that they seem to have a fun time doing it makes me want to enjoy it as well!

I am enjoying tanking heroic 5-mans and my entry to 10-man raiding. I’ve always enjoyed the 10-man raids with my guild. I may tank some as Off-tank or even Main tank.

Either way, I would like to thank the tanking pioneers out there that make it seem easy!