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Well . . well…

Draenei women are hot!!

That’s all… just thinking out loud.¬† ūüôā



I was questing on my baby Tank when I decided to level his professions a bit.  His mining pretty much takes care of itself, so time to work on the other one.

My original Tank, Zaren, is now a level 85 Tauren Warrior¬†for the Horde, and since I don’t feel like spending $30 to play with my old guild mates, I rolled this Tank.¬† His name is Zar√©n and he is an Alliance Worgen Warrior.

I was finishing some old quest that I had in Zangermarsh when I saw a gas cloud.  Just like Zaren, Zarén is an Engineer, he should go get it.  But then I remembered that you have to have the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor! 

For you non-WoW, non-engineers out there, the Zapthrottle Mote Extracter “Extracts gas from a nearby cloud.”¬† Back in the day, it used to be a fast way to obtain motes (air, fire, water) to make Primal elements and cash!¬†

As I don’t expect it to net me a lot of gold at this point, I still wanted it.¬† My leveling alts could possibly use the motes and primals.¬†¬† Zar√©n was level 66 at this time, and I’m sure that the original Zaren had obtained the mote extractor at an earlier level.¬† Original Zaren was probaby still in his late 50’s as he had to get some guildies to protect him to get to the quest giver’s location.

So I went in search of the quest giver to get the quest that will teach me how to make a mote extractor.

This pigged-tailed beauty was hidden in the corner of an Alliance town (Telredor) in Zangarmash. 

She makes you go collect some scrap parts which I guess she needs.  In return, you get to learn how to make the mote extractor.  As I was a lower level when I initially completed this quest, I had to pay a higher level character to keep the mobs off of me while I collected the parts.  Now, I am two levels higher than the zone and outgear it too!  Yeah, I am bad man!

I fly over to the area she wants me to go to, (couldn’t do that at that level back then) and start picking up the parts.¬† “This is gonna be quick and painess” I thought.¬† Only occasionally did I have to fight off a mob, but that was no biggie.¬† I gather all the “parts” she needed and happily flew back to Ms. Smallfry to collect my reward.¬† Yeah.. Mote Extactor!

I hand over the parts.¬† Get my gold and experience points.¬† Get the schematics to the mote extractor….YES!!¬† Oh yeah!¬† I can also use the extractor in the Lich King content later!¬† That’s gonna come in handy for some of my Alliance professions.

Now Zar√©n is also a miner, so some of the other materials to make this thing should already be in my character’s bank.¬† Nice!¬† (Yeah, I’m a horder.¬† Don’t judge me!) And almost all of them where in my bank, except…this one.

I don’t recall ever needing a Delicate Arcanite Converter!!!¬† Back in the day Arcanite was VERY hard to come by!¬† It has a cool off period of days so you couldn’t make a whole bunch of them sell them.¬†¬† AND¬† if you couldn’t make them, you paid through the nose for them!¬† And if you could make them, you wouldn’t waste it on a Delicate Arcanite Converter!!

I felt sick cause this is REALLY OLD content now and WHO would be making Arcanite now???¬† I decided to bite the bullet and check the Auction House (AH) for a coverter.¬† No Luck.¬†¬†Well, I only need one bar of Arcanite, maybe I’ll get lucky?¬† YES!¬† Apparently there was still a market of Arcanite!¬† NOW I”M SET!!¬† . . ./sigh . . .

Zarén never learned  how to make a Delicate Arcanite Coverter.  I mean, why would he?  He leveled this far without one.  Why now?  Guess what?  NO schematics on the AH!  Awesome!

A quick check of Wowhead.com told me I have to find this guy:

Yeah… a face only a mother could love!¬† Oh great!¬† He’s in Winterspring!¬† Only gonna take forever for me to get there from OUTLAND!!¬† /sigh . . .

According to Wowhead.com the schematic is in limited quantity!  (Which means someone could have scarffed up the last copy available for hours)

I finally make it to Winterspring and find the guy.  I guess Blizzard hid the schematic on the last page of his goods list just to give me a heart attack!   I got the schematic.  Learned it and made my Zapthrottle Mote Extractor!  Yeah!!!

I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to use it.¬† I spent my alotted playtime chasing Npc’s and traveling Azeroth.¬† Now it’s time for bed.


Umm … Sorry…

I didn't mean to..

Well, as a Tank, I have complained about Dps players and other Tanks as well.

I guess it’s my turn!

See . . umm.¬†¬† During the last few weeks, I have been working on some real life issues (like renovating the house) and my mind has been elsewhere.¬† And because of this, I’ve been playing on my lower level alts just to unwind and relax.

I was in a dungeon on my baby Tank.  I had rolled him to remind me of how hard it was to Tank without all of the cool abilities. 

With all that was going on in RL, I hadn’t been Tanking with this character.¬† Just questing and leveling skills to pass the time.¬† When I did a few dungeon runs, it was as a Dps just to sit back a pew pew for a while.

Well, one evening (I must have taken a 5-hour energy shot) I decided to Tank and instance and went to prepare my in-dungeon snack.¬† By the time I got back (distracted by now) I settled in to enjoy this dungeon.¬† However, my mind had switched back¬† to it’s Dps mode.¬† Even though I had previously clicked the “Tank” option in the Dungeon Finder window.¬†

Without paying attention I clicked “Look for Group” as I proceeded to do a quest in the meantime.¬† Suddenly, the “You Group is Ready” window was up!¬† I was like, “THAT was fast!”

So I abandoned my quest and joined group.¬† After everyone buffed up, I was wondering why we were still standing around.¬† There was another Warrior in the group and Druid, so I thought one of them was going to start.¬† No one moved, so I jumped in on the nearest trash mod that I knew I could take (with a little healing) and then we wiped!¬† I should also probably mention that I face pulled the rest of them. ūüė¶

WTF????  Was the general response from everyone.  I appologized for pulling out of turn, but I wanted to get started. 

My fellow group members weren’t complaining about my pulling.¬† They were complaining about my not keeping aggro!¬†¬† I was like “What do we have a Tank for if that guy can’t keep aggro??” “This Tanks sucks”

I was told . . . @$$___, YOU ARE THE TANK!

I looked at my icon and it had the little shield next to it!   I felt so stupid and bad, I immediately dropped group!

I normally don’t drop group at the first mistake and have talked about Tanks that do that. ¬†(Dps too)¬†

I have stayed in a group for hours (early Grim Batol) attempting to finish just because I started something and will finish it.¬† Now I am no better than the players I’ve talked crap about!¬† Before I knew it, I had pulled the network cable out of its socket.

My appologies to the group I was with.


New Dungeon Finder Tanks

If you’ve ever got on your Dps or Healer wanting to do a Dungeon Finder, you have likely run into the “Suedo-Tank.”

You know the one.¬† A Dps Warrior that logged into Dungeon Finder just to get a quick queue.¬† Or even the brand new Tank that is just learning the ropes and didn’t have Guildies to help him/ her learn their roles and abilities.

Luckly, there are players out there that still offer help to those that seek it.

Vosskah over at Sword and Board has a post that every new and not that great tank should read.  Your knowledge of the basics as a Tank will separate you from the bad Tanks and elevate your play.

The only sad thing for new upcoming Tanks is that unless you have a helpful Guild, some of these very good tactics will be hard lessons to learn.  But as always, COMMUNICATION and COOPERATION are key to any successful run!

Has Dungeon Finder Improved?

Some real life responsibilities¬†have taken me away from my Main and given time to my alternate characters, because I play them just to pass time.¬† If I game play is interrupted¬†on my alts, it isn’t so bad because I’m not immersed as deeply into the content as on my Main or Alternate Main.

I’ve been running on my alternate dps just to work on professions or whatnot.¬† Lately, I’ve been trying out the dungeons.¬† Specifically – dungeons 60-70 ish.

I haven’t tried the dungeon system on my Tanks since before the “special gifts” for “less represented” classes have been implemented.¬† So I expected the half-hour wait for my Dps classes to get out of queue.¬† So I queue of for a level 60 ish dungeon and go on my way questing.¬† I actually enjoy leveling my characters and was in the middle of killing x of y when the dungeon finder popped about five minutes later!

“Wow, must be a fluke,” I thought to myself.¬†¬† Or at least a dungeon in process.¬† No… it was just starting and everyone was ready to go.¬† We completed the dungeon quickly and with no drama.¬† We killed¬† the last boss and thanked everyone for a good run.¬† It was a very nice experience! ūüôā

I zoned back to my quest line where I left off and proceeded to continue when I said, “that was quick, let me try another!”¬† So I clicked Dungeon Finder for a random and was put into a group 5 minutes and 12 seconds later!¬† (I had set a stop watch)

This is amazing!¬†¬† Maybe because I hadn’t used dungeon finder for anything other than my Tanks in such a long time.¬† I fully expected 30 – 40 minute wait times.¬† However before the night of gaming was through, I had done six (6) dungeons!!

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the dungeons were quick.¬† I mean like only took about 15-20 minutes to complete at level.¬†¬† I now have another reason to like leveling my alt characters, it seems! ūüôā¬† AND…out of the six dungeons, I only had one jerk in the group!

Has anyone else noticed this?¬† Has the occurence¬†of jerks dropped because of the change in dungeon finder or because the jerks aren’t leveling new toons?¬† Will it be a totally different story when I reach the level 80 dungeons?

Who knows?  I may have found a new leveling outlet besides questing.


Newbee or N00b?

I’ve read some blog entries and replies and have read rants giving¬†the “general” consensus is that new players suck. I confess.¬† That thought has come to mind at times.¬† Especially when you’re pugging and healer¬†can’t keep everyone up or players don’t know what the Marking Icons are for and for whom.

 But what are they (the new players) to do?

I’ve played WoW since the Vanilla days also. The problem is that NEW players don’t get the chance to really learn how to play their toons. The design of WoW was to get you to start at level 1 and learn your abilities slowly.

Once you got to level 20, you had the basics and the additional abilities you learn (on the way to 60,70, 80, etc.) were icing on the cake. You were able to kill mobs more efficiently at that point.

Then came Wrath of the Lich King and Death Knights. Suddenly, (in my opinion) you had players trying out DKs¬†(over powered in the beginning) and eventually, their kids started playing the DKs¬†that the parents abandoned to give little Billy a change to play this cool expansion.¬† Hence, the childlike behavior of many DK’s I encountered at the time.¬† Since the DKs had all the cool epic stuff, players didn’t have to deal with the growing pains of leveling. These DK’s join pugs and berate you for not being “perfect” like them because they already out geared content.

Some got a rude awakenings¬†once they reached a certain level and actually had to employ a level of skill. They found that they couldn’t totally heal themselves or tank and dps at the same time. But a lot of them didn’t.

In life if you don’t have to “pay your dues” you end up a person out of touch with what is important and needed to know in order to succeed.

Blizzard streamlined the leveling, so you really don’t have time to practice abilities EVEN if you do level from scratch. ADD to that the guild perks and BOB.net gear and you end up skipping old world content that would teach you mechanics for certain mobs.¬†¬† I leveled a low-level¬†toon¬†to 60 in one weekend and didn’t spend all weekend doing it!¬† Don’t get me wrong –¬† I’m not badmouthing Bizzard!¬† I’d like to work for them one day! ūüôā (hint)

Consequently, you then have end level players that don’t play well because they didn’t effectively explore their character’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. They might as well be “EBay Characters” because you get the same caliber of player.

Unfortunately, pugging with these players gives you the experience of a group member NOT ONLY being unaware of Crowd Control in general, but the same player doesn’t even know HIS/HER crowd control abilities….WOW ūüė¶¬†

OR..you spend an eternity trying to complete a dungeon, because an experience player rage leaves group, because he or she is too good to help/teach a newbee.

Or the last choice is that the player is just a jerk who thought it would be fun to frustrate newbees¬†by rolling a low toon¬†and just being a jerk to everyone.(N00b)…who knows??

Trouble is that the cards are stacked against a new player, because of jerks, rapid leveling, etc.¬† I feel sorry for any new tank out there unless they have a really cool guild to help them.¬† But it’s not all bad.¬† The will to succeed and resourcefulness will help a new player overcome.

All things equal.  I prefer to deal with a newbee rather than an N00B.   At least the newbee is trying.

Celebrity Pocket Healer!

Chris “River” Cavelle at¬†High Latency Life¬†tells and interesting story about meeting a celebrity while playing WoW.

I won’t spoil the story for you.¬† You can click the link to it and read it yourself, but my take on it is how some players take the game too seriously.

For those of you who don’t know what a “pocket healer” is, it is a player that plays a healing class that you play different aspects of the game with.¬† A running buddy, i.e., that can heal your character during a fight or ressurect your toon after it dies.¬† Like a dedicated printer to your Computer…just there for you! ūüôā

You have to remember that WoW and any game is just that…a game!¬† If you get too stressed over it or the people playing with you, you should find something else to do!

Best thing to do is enjoy your game and flow with the surprise, cause a pocket healer is hard to find!


Why Do We Play WoW?

Victoriafr @ Sylvanas posed several questions to everyone out there interested in World of Warcraft. Here are my responses:

When and why did you start to play World of Warcraft?

I started playing WoW a few months after the BC expansion (The Burning Crusade) hit the shelves.

I was complaining to a friend of mine that I go through my Playstation games too quickly. One of my favorites was the Ace Commander series, however, I bested them within a week if I spent any amount of time on them.

Then my friend told me about WoW. He was still playing Warcraft, but hadn’t made the switch to WoW. He told me that WoW was basically unending and that I could play with millions (5-6 at the time) of players day or night. I bought a copy, waited patiently for the patches to load and created a toon finally at midnight. A few days later, I was coming into work with a brace on my hand. Worth every penny! ūüôā

Side Note:

I actually played Vanilla Wow first.¬† I saw a copy of the Burning Crusade and bought it not knowing I needed Vanilla Wow first.¬† So I bought a copy and had to play from level 1-60 before enjoying BC.¬† WoW veterans can remember how difficult that was to do back then.¬† No mounts till 40…no flying…gold was hard to come by and reputation points were rationed severely!

Where do you draw the line between casual and hardcore?
I draw the line at being Hardcore when you’ve injured yourself playing a computer game! (not to mention using a big gulp cup to stay in raid verses walking 10 feet to the bathroom.¬† Am I speaking from personal experience?¬† I’ll never tell.¬† :p

Do you consider yourself addicted to World of Warcraft?
Am I addicted to WoW? Yes, but not as much! It’s getting warmer and RL is keeping me grounded. I have multiple alts to maintain when I do find a moment here and there.

What does your boyfriend/girlfriend say when you‚Äôre ‚Äúraiding‚ÄĚ 5 days a week?
I haven’t been in a “raiding” guild in almost a year. The guild I’m in now is casual raiding once or twice a week, so my wife doesnt complain as long as I give her attention. She didn’t complain about a 5 night raiding schedule as long as we had “date night” every other weekend. ‚̧

Have you tried other MMORPGs, which ones?
I have tried Star Trek Online, but it paled to WoW. It really just needed some more development. Stopped playing it May of 2010. Wanted to try Rift, but it would feel like cheating on a spouse. Is that wrong?