A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

Newbee or N00b?

I’ve read some blog entries and replies and have read rants giving the “general” consensus is that new players suck. I confess.  That thought has come to mind at times.  Especially when you’re pugging and healer can’t keep everyone up or players don’t know what the Marking Icons are for and for whom.

 But what are they (the new players) to do?

I’ve played WoW since the Vanilla days also. The problem is that NEW players don’t get the chance to really learn how to play their toons. The design of WoW was to get you to start at level 1 and learn your abilities slowly.

Once you got to level 20, you had the basics and the additional abilities you learn (on the way to 60,70, 80, etc.) were icing on the cake. You were able to kill mobs more efficiently at that point.

Then came Wrath of the Lich King and Death Knights. Suddenly, (in my opinion) you had players trying out DKs (over powered in the beginning) and eventually, their kids started playing the DKs that the parents abandoned to give little Billy a change to play this cool expansion.  Hence, the childlike behavior of many DK’s I encountered at the time.  Since the DKs had all the cool epic stuff, players didn’t have to deal with the growing pains of leveling. These DK’s join pugs and berate you for not being “perfect” like them because they already out geared content.

Some got a rude awakenings once they reached a certain level and actually had to employ a level of skill. They found that they couldn’t totally heal themselves or tank and dps at the same time. But a lot of them didn’t.

In life if you don’t have to “pay your dues” you end up a person out of touch with what is important and needed to know in order to succeed.

Blizzard streamlined the leveling, so you really don’t have time to practice abilities EVEN if you do level from scratch. ADD to that the guild perks and BOB.net gear and you end up skipping old world content that would teach you mechanics for certain mobs.   I leveled a low-level toon to 60 in one weekend and didn’t spend all weekend doing it!  Don’t get me wrong –  I’m not badmouthing Bizzard!  I’d like to work for them one day! 🙂 (hint)

Consequently, you then have end level players that don’t play well because they didn’t effectively explore their character’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. They might as well be “EBay Characters” because you get the same caliber of player.

Unfortunately, pugging with these players gives you the experience of a group member NOT ONLY being unaware of Crowd Control in general, but the same player doesn’t even know HIS/HER crowd control abilities….WOW 😦 

OR..you spend an eternity trying to complete a dungeon, because an experience player rage leaves group, because he or she is too good to help/teach a newbee.

Or the last choice is that the player is just a jerk who thought it would be fun to frustrate newbees by rolling a low toon and just being a jerk to everyone.(N00b)…who knows??

Trouble is that the cards are stacked against a new player, because of jerks, rapid leveling, etc.  I feel sorry for any new tank out there unless they have a really cool guild to help them.  But it’s not all bad.  The will to succeed and resourcefulness will help a new player overcome.

All things equal.  I prefer to deal with a newbee rather than an N00B.   At least the newbee is trying.


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