A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

Has Dungeon Finder Improved?

Some real life responsibilities have taken me away from my Main and given time to my alternate characters, because I play them just to pass time.  If I game play is interrupted on my alts, it isn’t so bad because I’m not immersed as deeply into the content as on my Main or Alternate Main.

I’ve been running on my alternate dps just to work on professions or whatnot.  Lately, I’ve been trying out the dungeons.  Specifically – dungeons 60-70 ish.

I haven’t tried the dungeon system on my Tanks since before the “special gifts” for “less represented” classes have been implemented.  So I expected the half-hour wait for my Dps classes to get out of queue.  So I queue of for a level 60 ish dungeon and go on my way questing.  I actually enjoy leveling my characters and was in the middle of killing x of y when the dungeon finder popped about five minutes later!

“Wow, must be a fluke,” I thought to myself.   Or at least a dungeon in process.  No… it was just starting and everyone was ready to go.  We completed the dungeon quickly and with no drama.  We killed  the last boss and thanked everyone for a good run.  It was a very nice experience! 🙂

I zoned back to my quest line where I left off and proceeded to continue when I said, “that was quick, let me try another!”  So I clicked Dungeon Finder for a random and was put into a group 5 minutes and 12 seconds later!  (I had set a stop watch)

This is amazing!   Maybe because I hadn’t used dungeon finder for anything other than my Tanks in such a long time.  I fully expected 30 – 40 minute wait times.  However before the night of gaming was through, I had done six (6) dungeons!!

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the dungeons were quick.  I mean like only took about 15-20 minutes to complete at level.   I now have another reason to like leveling my alt characters, it seems! 🙂  AND…out of the six dungeons, I only had one jerk in the group!

Has anyone else noticed this?  Has the occurence of jerks dropped because of the change in dungeon finder or because the jerks aren’t leveling new toons?  Will it be a totally different story when I reach the level 80 dungeons?

Who knows?  I may have found a new leveling outlet besides questing.



One response

  1. EscapistFred

    Queing at 85 will net you almost instantaneous dungeon action as a tank. It’s almost as quick going through the levels but as soon as you hit 80 the quests net more exp/hour than grinding dungeons if you’re puging. At least it does for me (:

    June 16, 2011 at 6:44 PM

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