A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

New Dungeon Finder Tanks

If you’ve ever got on your Dps or Healer wanting to do a Dungeon Finder, you have likely run into the “Suedo-Tank.”

You know the one.  A Dps Warrior that logged into Dungeon Finder just to get a quick queue.  Or even the brand new Tank that is just learning the ropes and didn’t have Guildies to help him/ her learn their roles and abilities.

Luckly, there are players out there that still offer help to those that seek it.

Vosskah over at Sword and Board has a post that every new and not that great tank should read.  Your knowledge of the basics as a Tank will separate you from the bad Tanks and elevate your play.

The only sad thing for new upcoming Tanks is that unless you have a helpful Guild, some of these very good tactics will be hard lessons to learn.  But as always, COMMUNICATION and COOPERATION are key to any successful run!


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