A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

Umm … Sorry…

I didn't mean to..

Well, as a Tank, I have complained about Dps players and other Tanks as well.

I guess it’s my turn!

See . . umm.   During the last few weeks, I have been working on some real life issues (like renovating the house) and my mind has been elsewhere.  And because of this, I’ve been playing on my lower level alts just to unwind and relax.

I was in a dungeon on my baby Tank.  I had rolled him to remind me of how hard it was to Tank without all of the cool abilities. 

With all that was going on in RL, I hadn’t been Tanking with this character.  Just questing and leveling skills to pass the time.  When I did a few dungeon runs, it was as a Dps just to sit back a pew pew for a while.

Well, one evening (I must have taken a 5-hour energy shot) I decided to Tank and instance and went to prepare my in-dungeon snack.  By the time I got back (distracted by now) I settled in to enjoy this dungeon.  However, my mind had switched back  to it’s Dps mode.  Even though I had previously clicked the “Tank” option in the Dungeon Finder window. 

Without paying attention I clicked “Look for Group” as I proceeded to do a quest in the meantime.  Suddenly, the “You Group is Ready” window was up!  I was like, “THAT was fast!”

So I abandoned my quest and joined group.  After everyone buffed up, I was wondering why we were still standing around.  There was another Warrior in the group and Druid, so I thought one of them was going to start.  No one moved, so I jumped in on the nearest trash mod that I knew I could take (with a little healing) and then we wiped!  I should also probably mention that I face pulled the rest of them. 😦

WTF????  Was the general response from everyone.  I appologized for pulling out of turn, but I wanted to get started. 

My fellow group members weren’t complaining about my pulling.  They were complaining about my not keeping aggro!   I was like “What do we have a Tank for if that guy can’t keep aggro??” “This Tanks sucks”

I was told . . . @$$___, YOU ARE THE TANK!

I looked at my icon and it had the little shield next to it!   I felt so stupid and bad, I immediately dropped group!

I normally don’t drop group at the first mistake and have talked about Tanks that do that.  (Dps too) 

I have stayed in a group for hours (early Grim Batol) attempting to finish just because I started something and will finish it.  Now I am no better than the players I’ve talked crap about!  Before I knew it, I had pulled the network cable out of its socket.

My appologies to the group I was with.



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