A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!


I was questing on my baby Tank when I decided to level his professions a bit.  His mining pretty much takes care of itself, so time to work on the other one.

My original Tank, Zaren, is now a level 85 Tauren Warrior for the Horde, and since I don’t feel like spending $30 to play with my old guild mates, I rolled this Tank.  His name is Zarén and he is an Alliance Worgen Warrior.

I was finishing some old quest that I had in Zangermarsh when I saw a gas cloud.  Just like Zaren, Zarén is an Engineer, he should go get it.  But then I remembered that you have to have the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor

For you non-WoW, non-engineers out there, the Zapthrottle Mote Extracter “Extracts gas from a nearby cloud.”  Back in the day, it used to be a fast way to obtain motes (air, fire, water) to make Primal elements and cash! 

As I don’t expect it to net me a lot of gold at this point, I still wanted it.  My leveling alts could possibly use the motes and primals.   Zarén was level 66 at this time, and I’m sure that the original Zaren had obtained the mote extractor at an earlier level.  Original Zaren was probaby still in his late 50’s as he had to get some guildies to protect him to get to the quest giver’s location.

So I went in search of the quest giver to get the quest that will teach me how to make a mote extractor.

This pigged-tailed beauty was hidden in the corner of an Alliance town (Telredor) in Zangarmash. 

She makes you go collect some scrap parts which I guess she needs.  In return, you get to learn how to make the mote extractor.  As I was a lower level when I initially completed this quest, I had to pay a higher level character to keep the mobs off of me while I collected the parts.  Now, I am two levels higher than the zone and outgear it too!  Yeah, I am bad man!

I fly over to the area she wants me to go to, (couldn’t do that at that level back then) and start picking up the parts.  “This is gonna be quick and painess” I thought.  Only occasionally did I have to fight off a mob, but that was no biggie.  I gather all the “parts” she needed and happily flew back to Ms. Smallfry to collect my reward.  Yeah.. Mote Extactor!

I hand over the parts.  Get my gold and experience points.  Get the schematics to the mote extractor….YES!!  Oh yeah!  I can also use the extractor in the Lich King content later!  That’s gonna come in handy for some of my Alliance professions.

Now Zarén is also a miner, so some of the other materials to make this thing should already be in my character’s bank.  Nice!  (Yeah, I’m a horder.  Don’t judge me!) And almost all of them where in my bank, except…this one.

I don’t recall ever needing a Delicate Arcanite Converter!!!  Back in the day Arcanite was VERY hard to come by!  It has a cool off period of days so you couldn’t make a whole bunch of them sell them.   AND  if you couldn’t make them, you paid through the nose for them!  And if you could make them, you wouldn’t waste it on a Delicate Arcanite Converter!!

I felt sick cause this is REALLY OLD content now and WHO would be making Arcanite now???  I decided to bite the bullet and check the Auction House (AH) for a coverter.  No Luck.  Well, I only need one bar of Arcanite, maybe I’ll get lucky?  YES!  Apparently there was still a market of Arcanite!  NOW I”M SET!!  . . ./sigh . . .

Zarén never learned  how to make a Delicate Arcanite Coverter.  I mean, why would he?  He leveled this far without one.  Why now?  Guess what?  NO schematics on the AH!  Awesome!

A quick check of Wowhead.com told me I have to find this guy:

Yeah… a face only a mother could love!  Oh great!  He’s in Winterspring!  Only gonna take forever for me to get there from OUTLAND!!  /sigh . . .

According to Wowhead.com the schematic is in limited quantity!  (Which means someone could have scarffed up the last copy available for hours)

I finally make it to Winterspring and find the guy.  I guess Blizzard hid the schematic on the last page of his goods list just to give me a heart attack!   I got the schematic.  Learned it and made my Zapthrottle Mote Extractor!  Yeah!!!

I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to use it.  I spent my alotted playtime chasing Npc’s and traveling Azeroth.  Now it’s time for bed.



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