A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

Starting a New Character?

A few days ago, Ty Briggs over at Wow Insider posted a breakfast topic:  “What class should a brand new player pick?”

I have tried (for a few years) to get my wife to play WoW with me.

Side Note:  My wife loves the human characters while I prefer to be furry.   (Something about a tail she doesn’t like.)  This isn’t a picture of our characters, but would probably represent our personal choices.

When I was single, my (now ex of course) girlfriend would play an online game with me in 4 player mode.  We would KILL the other two opponents (who may or may not know each other) and it was a great feeling having that person backing you up in a game!  I’ve had that feeling with guild members, but it’s not the same as having that person right there with you.

Upon hearing news that we have tickets to BlizzCon, (something I’ve never been to) my wife began to show an interest in rolling a character.  “I guess I should try to learn how to play, so I won’t be following you around BlizzCon all day,” she said. 

 She would have been happy just to go to California during the beginning of our cold season at home.  However, I think it’s because I told her BlizzCon is an all day two-day event and I probably would not see her until the end of the day each day.

I’m excited, because I really want to share my love of WoW with her!  She has asked questions about WoW, but I really can’t just explain what I love about the game without her being in it with me!  You have to experience it for yourself to understand.

During my earlier WoW playing days, she  would ask questions about WoW  but the expression she had was that of someone watching another person waste their time with some stupid game.  Back then, she wasn’t aware  that the game involved some math; people skills; priority setting; money (gold) budgeting; strategy; stat maximizing; the ability to not take too many things personally; and learning the different race, classes and abilities for Alliance and Horde characters. 

If it was just killing stuff, she should know that I would bore of it quickly, right?

Anyway, that was the past.  She saw me leveling a character I made specifically for her (some time ago) for us to level together.  This toon had been my private guild’s banker forever and forever at level 12.  Since I needed a jewelcrafter on the Alliance side, I decided to level “her” character and make it a jewelcrafter/miner.

At the time, I was questing/gathering.  I remember her saying, ” Is that my character?  I hope she isn’t a spell thrower!”  LOL  Actually, this was a good statement, because I immediately knew that she didn’t want to play a clothy.  Luckly, she character is an Elemental Shaman.  She got to see how bad ass her toon can be when it wants to be.  Suddenly, it was jumped by a bunch of mobs. (my fault really)  My wife’s character owned them in seconds.  So fast that she was like, ” did you kill them all?”  Hehe…yes, of course!

She said she liked the toon I made for her.  However, I told her to play this one, she had to roll another from level 1 so that she will learn the right way to master her abilities.

This is a good thing too, because I can then roll a healer type to back her up.  I already have several healing characters, but I want her to get the “real feel” of leveling a toon.

Some of my friends have tried to warn me about getting my spouse to play.  They would site that she will probably always want to borrow your stuff or your gold, so be prepared. 

I said, no worries!  Just like in real life, she needs a profession so she can pull her own weight!  🙂


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