A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

Haters Love 2 Hate

Yesterday, I was in a random on my Shammy.

We had the “Escape from Durholde” which was a nice little lore bit.

We were escorting young Thrall out of Durnholde when we mounted up and without provocation the rogue of our 5 – man group types, “Big Woop!  You have a lion with Fire on its head!”

I admit, I’ve been riding around on my Winged Guardian since I got it.  It’s hot buttoned for when I want to mount up right away.  I needed a mount, that’s the one I have!

I did not know that the Winged Guardian was such an offense to some players.  Yeah, I bought it, just like my sparkly pony.  So What?  At first, I thought he was joking, but he kept going ON about it!  Sheeeze!

I have mounts that I’ve grinded HOURS of rep for only to see newer players spend less time acquiring the same thing.  Do see me QQing about that! 

Back in the day, I really enjoyed having a rare mount that people would ask me how to get and secretly be happy that they thought it was too much trouble to try to get the same mount.   See..  that way, it would STAY RARE.

I have since given up on such pursuits.  Now if I obtain a mount, it’s because I like it and want it.  So be it!

Don’t hate because I bought a flying mount that doesn’t give me ANY advantage over another player. (at my level) 

Don’t hate cause I can spend $25 when I want to.  I’ve worked hard for years and save for stuff just like that.  Stuff I want, so…

If your parents don’t want to buy you a flaming flying lion, get a paper route.

If you really want a flaming flying lion, save for it.

If you think playing alongside another player that has a flaming flying lion is too much to bear, leave group!

If my flaming flying lion’s burning mane is too much for you, save the Michael Jackson joke.  Keep it to yourself and put on some sunglasses.  Or see previous suggestion.

I don’t hate on someone who has some special pixels that I don’t have.  I admire them and say “nice mount” or “nice (insert item).”

It’s a game…have fun! 🙂


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