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You Lug 16 Tons, and What Do Ya Get?

Well, I’ve been kinda busy working on the house.

I have a new bedroom and computer room to finish and furnish!

I miss the days of just coming home and getting on my computer.

I will get there eventually!



Breakfast Topic: Having Fun Re-running Low Level Content?

Deadmines Loading Screen

Oh...I'm Ready This Time!!!

I was on my alt last night (yes, yet another one!)  just gathering and healing the occasional dungeon when I randomed into Deadmines!

I really used to hate that place!  But as a Tank, I have run that instance so many times.  And then again on my Dps characters, so it’s not big deal now.  It’s kinda funny to see players that still have issues with it especially the veteran players.

So when I saw the loading screen from it, I wasn’t worried.  But having done the instance as high level characters, I tend to forget that the original Edwin Van Cleef instance is different from the Vanessa Van Cleef counterpart.  I kept waiting for mechanics that just weren’t going to happen at that level.  (especially the nightmare!)

Have you run your alt in the original low-level counterpart to Cataclysm’s revamped dungeons and been disoriented by the memory of high level dungeon mechanics?

Breakfast Topic: What Emotes Do You Use In-game?


When I see my buddy standing around in a Capital City, I run up to him, target him,  and type off a stream of emotes:










What in-game emotes do you use on a daily basis? 

Do you just emote with friends or with dungeon/raid groups.?

Breakfast Topic: How Would You Improve Leveling in WoW?


There has been much debate about whether the streamlined leveling is beneficial to the player’s experience in the World of Warcraft.

 For the new player, it’s a double-edged sword.  Yes, you can level faster to catch up with your friends, however, the new player may be missing out on the repetitious play that allows the player to learn their character’s abilities. 

If you join a level 25 guild (in the current system) that has all the guild perks, your leveling will go much faster than a player who doesn’t join a high-end guild. 

Add to that the benefit of Bind on Battle.net Account gear and the leveling experience becomes a cake-walk according to veteran WoW players.  I’ll even add to this mix a good Leveling Guide and some dungeons and the new player will find themselves doing less than half of the quest that were picked up in their current zone.

I, however, am of the school of thought that new players should get as much time as possible learning how to effectively play their characters.  New players should be required to level a base character (level one) to at least mid-range on the current leveling scale.

 But what about the veteran player?  I (like a lot of current players) have numerous alts.  Rolling a new alt every time I want to learn how a different class plays is not a good time!  (once you get past level 60)

 NOTE: Now I know Blizzard HATES the use of the word “HERO CLASS,” but they did use it in the beginning with Wrath of the Lich King, right?

 I’m not suggesting a “HERO CLASS” per se.  I’m suggesting a subscriber option that would be similar to how Death Knights start out in the game.

 This option (obviously) would be available to the veteran player.  And let’s make it only available to a player that has leveled a character to level cap.  This means you must have an account that you have leveled a character from level one to level cap.  (level 85 currently) 

I would even entertain a requirement to have a certain expansion or charge a small fee for this option!

 This would open up an option to create alternate characters that will start at level 55 with a mount and armor equivalent to level 65 or 70 content.

 A veteran player would then be able to create characters that would be available to Raid in a relatively short period of time.  This would help with the drop off of players during slow months like the summer months. No longer would you have to scourer the Looking for Guild Tool, or spamming capital city and trade chat for appropriate classes. 

 It would also allow diversity in guild groups as guild members would have access to the three roles needed for raiding.  Need a different healer type?  Chances are that someone in the guild will be able to have that class available in a short period of time.

My Pally Lives!

This is the first Paladin that has survived the level 15 death.

Paladin was one of the few classes that I never really played.  I generally delete my Paladins by level 15 out of boredom or brain fatigue.

It’s probably because of the judgements.  DON’T JUDGE ME!  LOL!!

Anyway, I was home sick, so I fiddled around with the class and now I have a level 22 Paladin!


Breakfast Topic: How Long Do You Take to Create A Character?

I like to roll alternate characters to level, because I like leveling.

I especially like the lower levels where you don’t have all of the abilities for the class that you have chosen to roll. It makes it interesting! There’s nothing like trying to kill a mob by pressing a key bind that does not exist for the current character. Plus I like the whole Golden Aura you get when you Ding a new level!

This time, I attempted to put more effort in the character’s creation. That way, I will feel a little more connected to the character and want it to progress and become more powerful.


Alliance.  I already have a Tauren one.  (5 minutes)


Human.  I haven’t had one of those in a while. (about 10 minutes including bathroom break )


Male.  (1 minute – didn’t want to be “that guy” ya know? )


Paladin. (0 minutes – already wanted to roll one)


Now this is gonna take some time!

Do I want the character to look like someone or like me?

Do I want gray hair so that he looks wise and battle worn or some other color?

Should he be clean shaven or have a mustache or even a beard?

Should he look angry, determined, clueless?

For some reason, the face option took longer to decide that the name! I mean I want him to look fierce, but I don’t want him to look like that all the time.  (32 minutes)


I gave him my real life name. I may change it later. Who knows?  (10 minutes)

(So long story short it took 58 minutes to create my new character! WoW!)

How much effort do you put into creating a new or alternate character?


The Birth of Zaren

A guy like this scared the crap out of me when I was a newbee!

Once upon a time (a long time ago) in the world of Azeroth . . .

There was a young human named Zaren.

Zaren had run carefree round the forest of Elwynn and enjoyed the love of friends and family until adulthood when he was recruited to fight for his King and nation.

He traveled to the village of Northshire where he began his training as a Warrior to defend the Kingdom of Stormwind. 

One of his first tasks was to go into Echo Ridge Mine and rid the area of a Kobold infestation.  From level one to six (because he didn’t know any better back then) he spend time in a mine killing Kobols and taking their candles for some reason.  He also found that with each kill, he was awarded a small amount of copper.  “Hmmm,” he said.  “I could probably buy a new sword if I earn enough copper!”  So Zaren killed and killed kobolds until one day, he had amassed 75 silver!

“Huzzah!  I will have a gold one day! ” he exclaimed.  So Zaren continued to slaughter poor little Kobolds until one magical day, his heavy copper and silver ladden pouch suddenly became lighter!  Upon inspection, he found that all the coins he had accummulated dissappeared and in its place was a solitary gold coin!

Zaren couldn’t believe it!  “I’m gonna get the best sword ever!!” he thought to himself as he ran over to the arms vendor.  Zaren didn’t like the selection that the vendor had and knew that if he traveled to Stormwind, he would find a sword worthy of a Warrior who has downed a multitude of Kobolds. 

When his leave time was approved, he followed the road that would lead to Stormwind.  Along the way he saw many other souls that were similar in appearance to him.  He also saw the occasional traveler on a great mount wearing shiny armor and wondered where the traveler had come from and what adventures he could tell.

After a bit, Zaren found himself getting close to a village named Goldshire.  He decided to cut a little bit through the forest, because he had heard the residents of Goldshire was a rowdy bunch and he had no time for distractions.  Zaren was on a quest for a proper sword.

For his efforts, Zaren encountered a couple of wolves that seemed to want him for supper!  Zaren used every bit of his might, agility and cunning to escape the jaws of the deadly beasts and escaped to within an inch of his life.

Zaren stood at the gates of Stormwind and froze as he gazed at the gigantic statues that lined the path to the inner city.  All kinds of travelers and towns people were coming and going.  He stopped to read the names and descriptions and he was full of wonder and pride to join the ranks of heroes who defend Stormwind.  One day he would be a great hero too, he thought.

Clearing his head, he set back to the task at hand.   He stopped a Stormwind Guard to find the location of the nearest weapons dealer and was given a map to the vendor’s location.  Upon arriving at his destination, he promptly slammed his gold coin on the counter and said, “One of your finest swords, vendor!”

The vendor looked at Zaren.  Then at the single gold coin.  Then back at Zaren.  The vendor said, “You need about 19 more golds to add to that, son.”  Zaren was crushed!   ” How am I supposed to get that kind of money??”  Vendor said one word,  “QUEST.”

Dejected, Zaren walked the city trying to figure out what to do.  He was gonna be due back at Northshire soon and suddenly he saw a strange sight.

It was a large Warrior wearing heavy bright armor ladden with gems that sparkled.  He was  riding what looked to be . . . a Ram? 

He had never seen such a beast before.  It looked so big to him.  He had to investigate.

 Zaren walked up to the Ram apparently forgetting that there was a rider on it.  He looked the Ram up and down.  He ran circles around the beast to get a look at if from all sides.  He got real close to it and backed up for a wider view.  It was almost as if Zaren was some kind of insect the way he circled the beast to get a good look.

Zaren had totally forgotten about the Rams rider who apparently had noticed the annoying little human.  In an effort to find out what Zaren wanted, the Warrior rider turned his mount abruptly toward Zaren.  Startled by the abrupt move and the size of the rider and mount, Zaren scurried off out of the city back to the road to Northshire.

While avoiding all the obstacle on the way to Northshire, Zaren vowed to himself to become one of the greatest Warriors that Stormwind will ever see.

Some of you may now that Zaren is now a Tauren Warrior for the Horde.  How did that happen?  Well, that’s a whole other story . . .