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Breakfast Topic: How Long Do You Take to Create A Character?

I like to roll alternate characters to level, because I like leveling.

I especially like the lower levels where you don’t have all of the abilities for the class that you have chosen to roll. It makes it interesting! There’s nothing like trying to kill a mob by pressing a key bind that does not exist for the current character. Plus I like the whole Golden Aura you get when you Ding a new level!

This time, I attempted to put more effort in the character’s creation. That way, I will feel a little more connected to the character and want it to progress and become more powerful.


Alliance.  I already have a Tauren one.  (5 minutes)


Human.  I haven’t had one of those in a while. (about 10 minutes including bathroom break )


Male.  (1 minute – didn’t want to be “that guy” ya know? )


Paladin. (0 minutes – already wanted to roll one)


Now this is gonna take some time!

Do I want the character to look like someone or like me?

Do I want gray hair so that he looks wise and battle worn or some other color?

Should he be clean shaven or have a mustache or even a beard?

Should he look angry, determined, clueless?

For some reason, the face option took longer to decide that the name! I mean I want him to look fierce, but I don’t want him to look like that all the time.  (32 minutes)


I gave him my real life name. I may change it later. Who knows?  (10 minutes)

(So long story short it took 58 minutes to create my new character! WoW!)

How much effort do you put into creating a new or alternate character?



2 responses

  1. Oh gosh, I must be a slacker. I think the last character I made took under 10 minutes and most of that was trying to think up names as everything I wanted was already taken.

    September 2, 2011 at 4:36 PM

  2. I tried to think of new names too. Thought Zaren was original until I logged into wowarmory and saw a million of them! 😦

    September 2, 2011 at 5:01 PM

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