A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!

Breakfast Topic: Having Fun Re-running Low Level Content?

Deadmines Loading Screen

Oh...I'm Ready This Time!!!

I was on my alt last night (yes, yet another one!)  just gathering and healing the occasional dungeon when I randomed into Deadmines!

I really used to hate that place!  But as a Tank, I have run that instance so many times.  And then again on my Dps characters, so it’s not big deal now.  It’s kinda funny to see players that still have issues with it especially the veteran players.

So when I saw the loading screen from it, I wasn’t worried.  But having done the instance as high level characters, I tend to forget that the original Edwin Van Cleef instance is different from the Vanessa Van Cleef counterpart.  I kept waiting for mechanics that just weren’t going to happen at that level.  (especially the nightmare!)

Have you run your alt in the original low-level counterpart to Cataclysm’s revamped dungeons and been disoriented by the memory of high level dungeon mechanics?


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