A Burning Crusade Tank trying to make it in the Mists!


I Am the “King” of the Mountain!

More BlizzCon pictures from the seat of the Ice Throne!  If only my toilet was built like this!!

Between my cell phone and camera, I am still finding pics that I took at BlizzCon 2011.

Goblin Engineers are everywhere

There was a wall to write your name on that was later defaced by some guild or player that covered up a majority of names.   A second wall was made available later and my wife and I got our names up on that one also!

Luckly, Zaren, (next to Stap) managed to find a spot on the original wall out of the way of taggers that wanted to monopolize wall space.

My Lovely Wife (Princess!) managed to find a spot on the wall also!

Some fantastic artwork donned the floor of Blizzcon!

I wouldn’t want to see this guy coming full speed towards me . . ever!

An awesome statue of “Tyrael” from Diablo.

I’ve said it before . . . Dranaei chicks are hot!

It wasn’t REALLY warm that day, but Dude HAD TO BE SWEATING in this thing!

She was just HOT!  Mmmmmm!

My first Blizzcon was very awesome! 

It was nice to be in a place where Geeks and Nerds could just be Geeks and Nerds!  We Owned the Streets during those days!! NO ONE was gonna mess with us!!

Coming from Chicago, I get different vibes about places I visit in my travels.  Anaheim, California felt very safe and relaxed to walk around in.

I dare say that even if trouble were to befall convention goers there in Anaheim, Horde would help out Alliance and Visa Versa.

More to come about Mist of Panderia!


Should Children (really) Play World of Warcraft?

Putting the “addiction argument” asside, should little Billy play WoW?

World of Warcraft is rated “Teen,” but I think it should be rated:

“OIFYCKYMS” for “Only IF You Can Keep Your Mouth Shut!”

I can remember many times when I was in a pug and one (or more) of the group members go off on some childish tangent for the entire run about Chuck Norris or whatever.

Don’t get me wrong I like Walker Texas Ranger as much as anyone, but I don’t see why trade chat and general chat will have seemingly endless conversations about the man.

OR while grouped with some players, someone suddenly starts an argument by calling someone gay or making racial slurs.  To me that’s the sign of immaturity.  That and the constant jumping around all over the place (like a crackhead) while we get strategies together.

Also, I don’t say anything online that I wouldn’t say in person.  That’s just me. 

An immature individual uses the annonymity of the internet to berate and abuse other people.  Or maybe it’s just an opportunity to say those curse words you’re not allowed to say.  Can’t run outside and scream them at the top of you lungs??  Log into an MMO and sit in a capital city and scream to your heart’s content.  That’ll show them!

And yes, I may be naive to believe that I should be able to play an online game without having to hear racial slurs and kids calling someone else a homo or whatever to feel better about themselves or convince themselves that maybe THEY are not gay.

What restrictions would I put in place?  I guess it doesn’t matter what rating or restrictions you put on a game.  The underaged will always find a way in.  It’s just bad enough to have adult a$$hats than to have little 8 year old Billy pretending to be an adult one.  I personally think that (During Lich King) when the novelty wore off with Death Knights, kids started playing thier parent’s DKs. 

Makes sense, right?  Level 55 character (that was overpowered) ready to go!  Junior won’t have to spend time leveling and can join us after a short leveling run! Nice?  NO! 

 Problem with that was he didn’t have to learn to play!  He breezed thru level content until 70ish and bored and berated other players for not being as Uber as he/she.  THEN when real skill was needed, most failed myserably!  No, you can’t Tank and Heal yourself through the dungeon solo.   Yes you do need other players and guess what?  The other players are NOT NPC’s, so WATCH YOU MOUTH!    Ahem . . . sorry!

I also don’t pay $15 to babysit. 

FOR EXAMPLE:  I was in a guild where the Guild Leader was a mom and let her 8 year old son play on one of her other accounts.  It was fine for a bit until he tried to level up using dungeon content.  Most of the guildies didn’t have low level toons to run with him, so we would end up killing everything and he’d just collect loot. (that was fine too)  However, he would make constant request for help and grouping up.  A lot of us guildies felt uneasy, cause he is the Guild Leaders son and you don’t want drama with the Guild Leader.

There was even an occasion when some of us were asked why we didn’t help her son out.  The fact that some of us are casual and wanted to level our professions or just do a few dailies that her son couldn’t seemed to make no difference to her.  I mean it’s one thing to help out now and then.  Besides, when the Guild Leader was on, SHE was in a dungeon (suitable for her character) or doing what she wanted without the offspring.

Some people worry about the violence factor with games.  Guess what?  If you have to kill something, ya ain’t gonna do it with kindess.  Violence is required.

What’s really issue the not being able to control Billy’s attitude.  Giving him a venue that has no real consequence for his rudeness will not help you mold him into a civil useful member of society. 

Billy wants to roll with the big dogs and throw insults around?  Keep him offlline until he can get a job and buy his OWN copy of the game and pay montly subscription fees. This  will give parents a wider window of opportunity to reign in little Billy’s attitude and social skills.

Not all kids are bad!  I quested with a kid player for a while before I even got a clue he was a kid. 

You Again??

My first clue was that he ALWAYS wanted to join my group even though I had outleved his current content.  When I was five levels higher that he, he followed me out to an area that should have had him making corpse runs.  However, Blizzard had made all the mobs neutral (used to be hostile) in this area, so there he was. 

THEN, he wanted to attack a mob 2 levels higher than me!  He said we could handle it.  I told him “DON’T” but before I could type it he had pulled.  We both died and he thought it was the coolest thing!  Plus, he said “kid like stuff ” and when I asked him how old he was, he said 9!  Needless to say, we didn’t group up much after that. 

I guess I felt uneasy running with someone so young, but I could imagine his Mom asking who I was and how old I am.  I don’t want to be painted as a creep, so I grouped with friends I know personally. 

Yet another reason kids shouldn’t play a game adults play too.  Wasn’t the kid’s fault.  Just there is a potential for kids to meet the wrong type of people out there and I wouldn’t want my kid communitcating with some old guy for days online without my supervision.

I initially bought WoW to have fun and relax.  Now it seems there are so many reasons to find some way to relax after playing the game.

Serenity Now  . . .

Vantastic Voyage!

Come Along, Pack Your Bags, Get On Up And Jam Y'all! Come On and Riiide On Da Funk Y'all!


I used to hate this daily quest! 

Mostly because I did it when everyone was still doing this daily and I could never get a good vantage point on the air ship.  I’d end up riding it a few times to get all my kills or just end up falling off at some point.

My Shaman dinged 70 and now I’m running into the old dailies.  Time to switch to Healing and get some dungeon time!

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

So Much Has Happened


 After a long day at work, I sat down to my computer to relax.  I loaded WoW and decided to give my Shaman, Dgilbert, some more attention.  (her jewelcrafting will save me some gold down the line)  She had recently dinged 68, so I got her cold weather flying ability from the trainer and rushed out to Northrend. 

When the loading screen appeared, it hit me how there are so many things that new WoW players have missed out on. 

My wife asked me if that was the Lich King that I used to talk about.  I said, “Yes, and No.” 

My wife has gotten snippets from me of the goings on of the game during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, (she’s now showing more interest in the game) but I found that just explaining the first picture was going to take a bit of time to explain.   This would take away from my “relax time”, but I enjoy when she wants to know more about the game I love.  As they say.  A picture is worth a thousand words! 🙂

Of course we know that the first picture is the Great Tirion Fordring who took the Lich King crown after the defeat of Lich King Arthas.  (There must always be a Lich King) 

She asked why he looks like that.   And I told her that he consumed and was changed by the fires from the Red Dragonflight used to cleanse the area of a plague unleashed by the forsaken. (Of course I explained the back story, but I’m not typing all that)

She apparently never saw or paid attention to this loading screen back when I played the Lich King expansion:


 Go to Northrend and you won’t see this picture load again. 

This guy was the reason I logged on for so many hours.  To level my character to get a chance to fight this smug Son of A @#$%&*.

So I explained to her why there must be a Lich King and why the first loading screen is really a sad reminder of a time gone by rather than an inspiration for the gameplay that is about to happen.

But for a new player, this will be totally missed. 

And maybe that’s why so many veteran WoW players get burned out and leave the game.  You get ready to play and the loading screen shows you where you are about to enter the world then the memories of how difficult it used to be pop into your head.  And even though you’re rolling and alternate character that is at the appropriate level for this content . . . it will NEVER be to same experience.  All the wonder is gone, cause you learned to play several characters (hopefully) and know the basic mechanics.  So basically the REAL challenge of learning on the fly is gone.

We all remember HATING to see the Deadmines loading screen, right? (or whatever your dreaded dungeon was)   My experience as a tank was seeing that smug bastard then joining a group and seeing this loading screen:

As a Warrior Tank, I HATED THAT PLACE with a passion!!!  I had difficulty with AOE threat and over zealous Dps!  Ugh!

New players will not know that uneasiness, because it will just be another leveling zone.  And even if they experience some sort of awe in the design and play of this zone, it will NEVER compare to what we experienced when the zone was relevent.

Personally, I love World of Warcraft.  I hope it never ends!  While I guess I will eventually find no challenge in the game in the future, but I can see myself logging on and exploring and rolling class and race combinations that I haven’t fully explored yet.

Well, enough with the buzz kill . . . . time to attack Northrend from the other side of the continent this time!  Weeeeeeee!

It’s NOT a Waste of Time…Anymore!

Real Life Money for Virtual Gold???

Wanna Make Money Playing a Video Game?

MOM:  Billy?  Why don’t you go outside and play!   Stop wasting time on your computer!

BILLY:  Mom!!  I’m trying to capture the market here!!!

It’s out from Blizzard Entertainment!  Diablo 3 will feature a dual currency  Auction House.

Players will get real currency from their sales of items on the virtual auction house, and Blizzard Entertainment will get a cut of the action!  Just like the Neutral Auction house gouge!

What if this system becomes so popular, it ends up a feature in World of Warcraft??

As you probably know, I don’t mind buying a mount for in-game use.  However, a mount doesn’t give me the upper hand among players of my level. 

Mounts operate at the speed that you have already trained for, therefore, you are only paying for a pretty new skin for your mount.

I have a problem when items that CAN give you the upper hand are traded for “real life” money. 

Yeah, I have a job and if I wanted a virtual “whatever” off the AH, I would buy it gold or cash . (if I really wanted it)  But I think I would enjoy said item more if I earned it. 

Back in the day, I could have bought a Spectral Tiger Mount, but I chose to spend hours (day, weeks, and yes months) farming rep for my Winterspring Frostsaber.  I love that mount.  Even when the rep points were increased per turn in, I still appreciated that purple cat.  

I think if I had enough disposable income to buy a Spectral Tiger, I would probably ride it for a short time and be bored with it.  This is because I “just bought it.” like I did my Tabard of Flame.  That’s been sitting in my character’s bank for the longest.  (especially after the flood of available rep tabards)  My Celestial Mount has been demoted to initial mounts for alts because any toon I create on those accounts automatically get one.  (Besides, I didn’t like my male characters riding them)

And we know I love my Winged Guardian!  But THAT mounts animation is so cool, I will probably be riding it flow a long while on my main.

But those pixels don’t change anything about my GAME or GAMING EXPERIENCE.

If game changing items are allowed to be “purchased” on real currency Auction Houses in WoW, only the kids with parents with a great job or employed loners will be able to afford them.  The average player would again be left in the dust.

I guess I should look at it as a money-making opportunity.  After all… all of the items that you rep grind for will eventually become de-valued as time goes by.

Well, Billy!  If mommy says you’re wasting time playing you MMO, you can now tell her that you’re investing your time making REAL MONEY by selling PIXELS!!

If that doesn’t shut her up . . . slip her $20 🙂