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Oh Yeah….!

Obviously I’m late to the party with this information, but I’ve been busy…so shut up!


I have not played Diablo 1-2, so I don’t know what to expect, but I can’t wait for it to be available!

It seems like yesterday I was hoping for Mist of Pandaria Beta to start and that one day Blizz would announce the date for Diablo III.

Well, that day came and went!  Not only did I miss the initial excitement, but MOP BETA was already out and I had NO INVITATION!


See what happens when you move away from an addiction????!!!

Like I said, I will look forward to playing Diablo III and will probably do some research on Diablo before logging in the first time.

I’ve got my Mist of Pandaria Beta downloaded . . . finally!  (barring any patches or quick fixed)

Now to enjoy the gliches and server busy error messages!



It’s NOT a Waste of Time…Anymore!

Real Life Money for Virtual Gold???

Wanna Make Money Playing a Video Game?

MOM:  Billy?  Why don’t you go outside and play!   Stop wasting time on your computer!

BILLY:  Mom!!  I’m trying to capture the market here!!!

It’s out from Blizzard Entertainment!  Diablo 3 will feature a dual currency  Auction House.

Players will get real currency from their sales of items on the virtual auction house, and Blizzard Entertainment will get a cut of the action!  Just like the Neutral Auction house gouge!

What if this system becomes so popular, it ends up a feature in World of Warcraft??

As you probably know, I don’t mind buying a mount for in-game use.  However, a mount doesn’t give me the upper hand among players of my level. 

Mounts operate at the speed that you have already trained for, therefore, you are only paying for a pretty new skin for your mount.

I have a problem when items that CAN give you the upper hand are traded for “real life” money. 

Yeah, I have a job and if I wanted a virtual “whatever” off the AH, I would buy it gold or cash . (if I really wanted it)  But I think I would enjoy said item more if I earned it. 

Back in the day, I could have bought a Spectral Tiger Mount, but I chose to spend hours (day, weeks, and yes months) farming rep for my Winterspring Frostsaber.  I love that mount.  Even when the rep points were increased per turn in, I still appreciated that purple cat.  

I think if I had enough disposable income to buy a Spectral Tiger, I would probably ride it for a short time and be bored with it.  This is because I “just bought it.” like I did my Tabard of Flame.  That’s been sitting in my character’s bank for the longest.  (especially after the flood of available rep tabards)  My Celestial Mount has been demoted to initial mounts for alts because any toon I create on those accounts automatically get one.  (Besides, I didn’t like my male characters riding them)

And we know I love my Winged Guardian!  But THAT mounts animation is so cool, I will probably be riding it flow a long while on my main.

But those pixels don’t change anything about my GAME or GAMING EXPERIENCE.

If game changing items are allowed to be “purchased” on real currency Auction Houses in WoW, only the kids with parents with a great job or employed loners will be able to afford them.  The average player would again be left in the dust.

I guess I should look at it as a money-making opportunity.  After all… all of the items that you rep grind for will eventually become de-valued as time goes by.

Well, Billy!  If mommy says you’re wasting time playing you MMO, you can now tell her that you’re investing your time making REAL MONEY by selling PIXELS!!

If that doesn’t shut her up . . . slip her $20 🙂