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Oh Yeah….!

Obviously I’m late to the party with this information, but I’ve been busy…so shut up!


I have not played Diablo 1-2, so I don’t know what to expect, but I can’t wait for it to be available!

It seems like yesterday I was hoping for Mist of Pandaria Beta to start and that one day Blizz would announce the date for Diablo III.

Well, that day came and went!  Not only did I miss the initial excitement, but MOP BETA was already out and I had NO INVITATION!


See what happens when you move away from an addiction????!!!

Like I said, I will look forward to playing Diablo III and will probably do some research on Diablo before logging in the first time.

I’ve got my Mist of Pandaria Beta downloaded . . . finally!  (barring any patches or quick fixed)

Now to enjoy the gliches and server busy error messages!



My First BlizzCon!

Just got back from my first Blizzcon!

It was a special experience to say the least!  I got to meet a lot of new people and gamers from around the world!

One of my favorite parts of BlizzCon was the fans costumes.  I didn’t actually get to see the contest itself, but I met many of the fans that put the work into making some fantastic looking outfits!

I only play WoW, so I don’t know what this is from.   However the attention to detail is amazing!


A Blood Elf and Ogre were rocking it out between presentations…

Not sure if this is a Night Elf, but I definitely wanted a Grape Soda after taking this picture!  Mmmmmmmm!

All of the costumed fans were always nice enough to stop for a bit so you can get a picture of their hard work.

Some where scarier than others . . . but she was friendly all the same!

BlizzCon gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling!

Does it seem like I’m focusing on the Females?   Don’t judge me!

The panels were informative.  The Demos were fun to try.  And the sales girls got all my money . . but I enjoyed it all immensely!

More Blizzcon stuff to come!