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Wow . . . Purdy!

This big dragon was parked over Stormwind when I logged in after a bit of hiatus.

Apparently, someone has gotten the Legendary Weapon!  Nice!

Reminds me of back in the day when I got the WinterSpring Frost Saber and the Furblog Exhaulted achievement when it meant something!

The King of Ironforge (Alive back then) would announce you as being an ambassador!  Newbees would constantly ask me where I got the mount.

It used to take months to do either achievement.   Probably can do them quickly in my sleep now.

If the King of Ironforge is dead, who makes the announcement  now????


I Am the “King” of the Mountain!

More BlizzCon pictures from the seat of the Ice Throne!  If only my toilet was built like this!!

Between my cell phone and camera, I am still finding pics that I took at BlizzCon 2011.

Goblin Engineers are everywhere

There was a wall to write your name on that was later defaced by some guild or player that covered up a majority of names.   A second wall was made available later and my wife and I got our names up on that one also!

Luckly, Zaren, (next to Stap) managed to find a spot on the original wall out of the way of taggers that wanted to monopolize wall space.

My Lovely Wife (Princess!) managed to find a spot on the wall also!

Some fantastic artwork donned the floor of Blizzcon!

I wouldn’t want to see this guy coming full speed towards me . . ever!

An awesome statue of “Tyrael” from Diablo.

I’ve said it before . . . Dranaei chicks are hot!

It wasn’t REALLY warm that day, but Dude HAD TO BE SWEATING in this thing!

She was just HOT!  Mmmmmm!

My first Blizzcon was very awesome! 

It was nice to be in a place where Geeks and Nerds could just be Geeks and Nerds!  We Owned the Streets during those days!! NO ONE was gonna mess with us!!

Coming from Chicago, I get different vibes about places I visit in my travels.  Anaheim, California felt very safe and relaxed to walk around in.

I dare say that even if trouble were to befall convention goers there in Anaheim, Horde would help out Alliance and Visa Versa.

More to come about Mist of Panderia!

Breakfast Topic: Having Fun Re-running Low Level Content?

Deadmines Loading Screen

Oh...I'm Ready This Time!!!

I was on my alt last night (yes, yet another one!)  just gathering and healing the occasional dungeon when I randomed into Deadmines!

I really used to hate that place!  But as a Tank, I have run that instance so many times.  And then again on my Dps characters, so it’s not big deal now.  It’s kinda funny to see players that still have issues with it especially the veteran players.

So when I saw the loading screen from it, I wasn’t worried.  But having done the instance as high level characters, I tend to forget that the original Edwin Van Cleef instance is different from the Vanessa Van Cleef counterpart.  I kept waiting for mechanics that just weren’t going to happen at that level.  (especially the nightmare!)

Have you run your alt in the original low-level counterpart to Cataclysm’s revamped dungeons and been disoriented by the memory of high level dungeon mechanics?