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And So It Begins!

Another night in Mist of Pandaria Beta!  Yeah!!!

I rolled a premade Monk character.

Somebody out there has my Zaren name, so I tried to come as close to it without having to use special characters.

Come ON…MOP!

Boogie2988 at Youtube.com said it best:

Will that be me for the start of Mist of Pandaria??

Well, I’ve got enough vacation time!  I only have to go 5 levels on Seven Toons, but I’m sure I can do it with a steady supply of Pizza and Cherry Coke!

(I love Cherry Coke!)

Now here I thought I made a Bad Arse Toon!  I mean look at his eyes!  They’re squinched up like he’s looking right through you!  No Asian jokes…Please!

Yeah I’m all like walking around all tough.   Ready to drop any hostile NPC that comes near when I come across a town and decide to get some repairs.

So I look for a Blacksmith to get repaired and sell of my grays when I come across THIS LOVELY LADY:

THANK GOD I’m married!  LOL!!

If I hooked up with HER, she’d think she’s running things!!

(Love the Pink Bow!)

Obviously, this is still Beta and some character models have not been seen to yet.   But hey, the Chunky ones need love too!!

Besides, do YOU want to argue with a 500 lb Bear in a Dress wielding a Hammer???