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My first day in Mist of Pandaria Beta!

I signed up for Blizzard’s Annual Pass cause it was a no brainer for someone like me that hasn’t suspended or cancelled my main two accounts in over 5 years.

So it’s understandable that I’ve been waiting on the MoP Beta since October 2011 when I signed up.  All information available stated that Annual Pass subscribers would be invited in waves based upon when you signed up and longevity of your account, etc.  I was disappointed to not be among the first 300,000 invited as I signed up at BlizzCon.

Well, I finally got my invite!  I had downloaded the client long before that happened.  After hours of trying to get the Beta to load properly, I finally got to the loading screen.

I decided to make a female Pandaran, because we had to wait so long to see the current model.

I remember playing a Pandaran at BlizzCon 2011 only to find that the female Pandarans at that time were just male NPCs with a little pink bow and a sign over their heads that say “I’m a Female.”  Funny and weird at the same time.  LOL  🙂

Now this is a nice change of pace!

I’ve mentioned before that female Draenei were hot, but Pandaran Chicks are SMOK’N HOT!!

Okay, I like the thick ones…. don’t judge me!  Anyway, Pandaran women GOT BACK! OH!!

I especially like watching my toon run!  Something about her tush swaying back and forth…Ahem!


The Starting Zone was pretty much how I remembered it from BlizzCon except for one thing. . . .

I thought the Panda starting zones were crowded when I was at BlizzCon.  This was ridiculous!

As usual, players trying the get/turn in quests to the quest givers block access for other players.  And I’m sure there are a number of Jerks that think it is funny to block other people’s progress.  It’s unfortunate, but I guess it’s unavoidable.

It took me several hours to complete the quest here.  I started it the day I logged in and finally completed it the next morning as many of the “children” left for school or work.

There are no side quest to take in Beta.  If you don’t complete the required quest, you will not be able to progress further.  As such, there were many characters from the previous day attempting to complete this quest.

But Hey, it’s Beta!  You gotta expect that!

I also remember the initial pictures of the Vermin.  This is what they looked like as of BlizzCon 2011

This is what they look like in Beta

Not as cute as envisioned, but you still want to kill them because they are them!