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Wow . . . Purdy!

This big dragon was parked over Stormwind when I logged in after a bit of hiatus.

Apparently, someone has gotten the Legendary Weapon!  Nice!

Reminds me of back in the day when I got the WinterSpring Frost Saber and the Furblog Exhaulted achievement when it meant something!

The King of Ironforge (Alive back then) would announce you as being an ambassador!  Newbees would constantly ask me where I got the mount.

It used to take months to do either achievement.   Probably can do them quickly in my sleep now.

If the King of Ironforge is dead, who makes the announcement  now????


Level 60??


I’ve been doing renovations on the house, so I haven’t been playing my main, Zaren.  Didn’t want to get all caught up in a quest line or whatever and then have to abandon him for a bit.

I’ve been running around on low-level alts just to wind down after building something, and guest what?

No more low-level characters!

My Paladin started at level 12 and I did a post about him making it to level 22.   (deleted most of my Pallys by level 15)

 Now my Paladin is level 60 from just a half hour play each night!  At least it seems that way! 

Seems like yesterday when I got him his new War Horse and some plate gear.  He was a skinner/flower picker for the cash.  Now he’s an Alchemist/Herbalist, cause I’m tired of paying too much for mana pots!  Now he’s rockin a new Charger and he can fly in Outland and Vanilla Wow.  I had to do two levels without a flying mount, so it sucked not getting to herb nodes until now.  Oh Yeah!  Got to get him a Winged Guardian too!

Been running him as a Holy Paladin.  Probably will keep him Holy until level 70.  It’s been so long since I’ve Tanked level 60 content, but I do remember level 70 dungeons.  I can’t wait!

Maybe time to roll another character?  I still need a Tailor and Inscription guy.

The Birth of Zaren

A guy like this scared the crap out of me when I was a newbee!

Once upon a time (a long time ago) in the world of Azeroth . . .

There was a young human named Zaren.

Zaren had run carefree round the forest of Elwynn and enjoyed the love of friends and family until adulthood when he was recruited to fight for his King and nation.

He traveled to the village of Northshire where he began his training as a Warrior to defend the Kingdom of Stormwind. 

One of his first tasks was to go into Echo Ridge Mine and rid the area of a Kobold infestation.  From level one to six (because he didn’t know any better back then) he spend time in a mine killing Kobols and taking their candles for some reason.  He also found that with each kill, he was awarded a small amount of copper.  “Hmmm,” he said.  “I could probably buy a new sword if I earn enough copper!”  So Zaren killed and killed kobolds until one day, he had amassed 75 silver!

“Huzzah!  I will have a gold one day! ” he exclaimed.  So Zaren continued to slaughter poor little Kobolds until one magical day, his heavy copper and silver ladden pouch suddenly became lighter!  Upon inspection, he found that all the coins he had accummulated dissappeared and in its place was a solitary gold coin!

Zaren couldn’t believe it!  “I’m gonna get the best sword ever!!” he thought to himself as he ran over to the arms vendor.  Zaren didn’t like the selection that the vendor had and knew that if he traveled to Stormwind, he would find a sword worthy of a Warrior who has downed a multitude of Kobolds. 

When his leave time was approved, he followed the road that would lead to Stormwind.  Along the way he saw many other souls that were similar in appearance to him.  He also saw the occasional traveler on a great mount wearing shiny armor and wondered where the traveler had come from and what adventures he could tell.

After a bit, Zaren found himself getting close to a village named Goldshire.  He decided to cut a little bit through the forest, because he had heard the residents of Goldshire was a rowdy bunch and he had no time for distractions.  Zaren was on a quest for a proper sword.

For his efforts, Zaren encountered a couple of wolves that seemed to want him for supper!  Zaren used every bit of his might, agility and cunning to escape the jaws of the deadly beasts and escaped to within an inch of his life.

Zaren stood at the gates of Stormwind and froze as he gazed at the gigantic statues that lined the path to the inner city.  All kinds of travelers and towns people were coming and going.  He stopped to read the names and descriptions and he was full of wonder and pride to join the ranks of heroes who defend Stormwind.  One day he would be a great hero too, he thought.

Clearing his head, he set back to the task at hand.   He stopped a Stormwind Guard to find the location of the nearest weapons dealer and was given a map to the vendor’s location.  Upon arriving at his destination, he promptly slammed his gold coin on the counter and said, “One of your finest swords, vendor!”

The vendor looked at Zaren.  Then at the single gold coin.  Then back at Zaren.  The vendor said, “You need about 19 more golds to add to that, son.”  Zaren was crushed!   ” How am I supposed to get that kind of money??”  Vendor said one word,  “QUEST.”

Dejected, Zaren walked the city trying to figure out what to do.  He was gonna be due back at Northshire soon and suddenly he saw a strange sight.

It was a large Warrior wearing heavy bright armor ladden with gems that sparkled.  He was  riding what looked to be . . . a Ram? 

He had never seen such a beast before.  It looked so big to him.  He had to investigate.

 Zaren walked up to the Ram apparently forgetting that there was a rider on it.  He looked the Ram up and down.  He ran circles around the beast to get a look at if from all sides.  He got real close to it and backed up for a wider view.  It was almost as if Zaren was some kind of insect the way he circled the beast to get a good look.

Zaren had totally forgotten about the Rams rider who apparently had noticed the annoying little human.  In an effort to find out what Zaren wanted, the Warrior rider turned his mount abruptly toward Zaren.  Startled by the abrupt move and the size of the rider and mount, Zaren scurried off out of the city back to the road to Northshire.

While avoiding all the obstacle on the way to Northshire, Zaren vowed to himself to become one of the greatest Warriors that Stormwind will ever see.

Some of you may now that Zaren is now a Tauren Warrior for the Horde.  How did that happen?  Well, that’s a whole other story . . .  



Ahhhh the early days of my World of Warcraft addiction . . uh . .playing!

Substitute those Cheezits for Crunch & Munch and you’ve got my alternate playroom!  (just kidding)

Would have had a microwave in there, but didn’t want to electrocute myself.

Although in the early days, I have stayed in Raid by utilizing an old Big Gulp in emergency mode.  Again, don’t judge me . . .I love my WoW!

Anyone else?  Anyone?


TITAN!! The Next Expansion or New Mount???

Ah . . the Sexy Nissan TITAN!

Anyone remember this World of Warcraft Commercial?

 I wonder how many Tacomas were sold after that?


I still like my Winged Guardian better!  LOL!

Should Children (really) Play World of Warcraft?

Putting the “addiction argument” asside, should little Billy play WoW?

World of Warcraft is rated “Teen,” but I think it should be rated:

“OIFYCKYMS” for “Only IF You Can Keep Your Mouth Shut!”

I can remember many times when I was in a pug and one (or more) of the group members go off on some childish tangent for the entire run about Chuck Norris or whatever.

Don’t get me wrong I like Walker Texas Ranger as much as anyone, but I don’t see why trade chat and general chat will have seemingly endless conversations about the man.

OR while grouped with some players, someone suddenly starts an argument by calling someone gay or making racial slurs.  To me that’s the sign of immaturity.  That and the constant jumping around all over the place (like a crackhead) while we get strategies together.

Also, I don’t say anything online that I wouldn’t say in person.  That’s just me. 

An immature individual uses the annonymity of the internet to berate and abuse other people.  Or maybe it’s just an opportunity to say those curse words you’re not allowed to say.  Can’t run outside and scream them at the top of you lungs??  Log into an MMO and sit in a capital city and scream to your heart’s content.  That’ll show them!

And yes, I may be naive to believe that I should be able to play an online game without having to hear racial slurs and kids calling someone else a homo or whatever to feel better about themselves or convince themselves that maybe THEY are not gay.

What restrictions would I put in place?  I guess it doesn’t matter what rating or restrictions you put on a game.  The underaged will always find a way in.  It’s just bad enough to have adult a$$hats than to have little 8 year old Billy pretending to be an adult one.  I personally think that (During Lich King) when the novelty wore off with Death Knights, kids started playing thier parent’s DKs. 

Makes sense, right?  Level 55 character (that was overpowered) ready to go!  Junior won’t have to spend time leveling and can join us after a short leveling run! Nice?  NO! 

 Problem with that was he didn’t have to learn to play!  He breezed thru level content until 70ish and bored and berated other players for not being as Uber as he/she.  THEN when real skill was needed, most failed myserably!  No, you can’t Tank and Heal yourself through the dungeon solo.   Yes you do need other players and guess what?  The other players are NOT NPC’s, so WATCH YOU MOUTH!    Ahem . . . sorry!

I also don’t pay $15 to babysit. 

FOR EXAMPLE:  I was in a guild where the Guild Leader was a mom and let her 8 year old son play on one of her other accounts.  It was fine for a bit until he tried to level up using dungeon content.  Most of the guildies didn’t have low level toons to run with him, so we would end up killing everything and he’d just collect loot. (that was fine too)  However, he would make constant request for help and grouping up.  A lot of us guildies felt uneasy, cause he is the Guild Leaders son and you don’t want drama with the Guild Leader.

There was even an occasion when some of us were asked why we didn’t help her son out.  The fact that some of us are casual and wanted to level our professions or just do a few dailies that her son couldn’t seemed to make no difference to her.  I mean it’s one thing to help out now and then.  Besides, when the Guild Leader was on, SHE was in a dungeon (suitable for her character) or doing what she wanted without the offspring.

Some people worry about the violence factor with games.  Guess what?  If you have to kill something, ya ain’t gonna do it with kindess.  Violence is required.

What’s really issue the not being able to control Billy’s attitude.  Giving him a venue that has no real consequence for his rudeness will not help you mold him into a civil useful member of society. 

Billy wants to roll with the big dogs and throw insults around?  Keep him offlline until he can get a job and buy his OWN copy of the game and pay montly subscription fees. This  will give parents a wider window of opportunity to reign in little Billy’s attitude and social skills.

Not all kids are bad!  I quested with a kid player for a while before I even got a clue he was a kid. 

You Again??

My first clue was that he ALWAYS wanted to join my group even though I had outleved his current content.  When I was five levels higher that he, he followed me out to an area that should have had him making corpse runs.  However, Blizzard had made all the mobs neutral (used to be hostile) in this area, so there he was. 

THEN, he wanted to attack a mob 2 levels higher than me!  He said we could handle it.  I told him “DON’T” but before I could type it he had pulled.  We both died and he thought it was the coolest thing!  Plus, he said “kid like stuff ” and when I asked him how old he was, he said 9!  Needless to say, we didn’t group up much after that. 

I guess I felt uneasy running with someone so young, but I could imagine his Mom asking who I was and how old I am.  I don’t want to be painted as a creep, so I grouped with friends I know personally. 

Yet another reason kids shouldn’t play a game adults play too.  Wasn’t the kid’s fault.  Just there is a potential for kids to meet the wrong type of people out there and I wouldn’t want my kid communitcating with some old guy for days online without my supervision.

I initially bought WoW to have fun and relax.  Now it seems there are so many reasons to find some way to relax after playing the game.

Serenity Now  . . .

Haters Love 2 Hate

Yesterday, I was in a random on my Shammy.

We had the “Escape from Durholde” which was a nice little lore bit.

We were escorting young Thrall out of Durnholde when we mounted up and without provocation the rogue of our 5 – man group types, “Big Woop!  You have a lion with Fire on its head!”

I admit, I’ve been riding around on my Winged Guardian since I got it.  It’s hot buttoned for when I want to mount up right away.  I needed a mount, that’s the one I have!

I did not know that the Winged Guardian was such an offense to some players.  Yeah, I bought it, just like my sparkly pony.  So What?  At first, I thought he was joking, but he kept going ON about it!  Sheeeze!

I have mounts that I’ve grinded HOURS of rep for only to see newer players spend less time acquiring the same thing.  Do see me QQing about that! 

Back in the day, I really enjoyed having a rare mount that people would ask me how to get and secretly be happy that they thought it was too much trouble to try to get the same mount.   See..  that way, it would STAY RARE.

I have since given up on such pursuits.  Now if I obtain a mount, it’s because I like it and want it.  So be it!

Don’t hate because I bought a flying mount that doesn’t give me ANY advantage over another player. (at my level) 

Don’t hate cause I can spend $25 when I want to.  I’ve worked hard for years and save for stuff just like that.  Stuff I want, so…

If your parents don’t want to buy you a flaming flying lion, get a paper route.

If you really want a flaming flying lion, save for it.

If you think playing alongside another player that has a flaming flying lion is too much to bear, leave group!

If my flaming flying lion’s burning mane is too much for you, save the Michael Jackson joke.  Keep it to yourself and put on some sunglasses.  Or see previous suggestion.

I don’t hate on someone who has some special pixels that I don’t have.  I admire them and say “nice mount” or “nice (insert item).”

It’s a game…have fun! 🙂

Winged Guardian!

Yeah… Yeah.   I’ll admit it!

I bought a Winged Guardian for one of my accounts.

I know it looks like it is of Alliance design, but my Alliance characters look good riding on it.

My Horde characters look like they ganked an Alliance player to get the mount – which is a good thing too!  🙂

I figure I have the Celestial sparkly Pony, so why not a Lion with a beard and wings??